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Manufacturers of Quality Sheepskin products since 1985



Since 1985 we have been manufacturing Originals Ugg AustraliaTM brand sheepskin footwear, a well known product in Australia and all over the world. Sheepskin has been our business for the last 36 years and from the beginning we have always offered top quality products, fast personal service and affordable prices to our individual customers and retailers.
For natural comfort and warmth nothing beats sheepskin, the leather and wool breathe naturally and the sheepskin is warm in winter, while cool and comfortable in summer.
Check out our Australian sheepskin slippers and boots from our Australian warehouse. Now you too can enjoy the luxury of affordable sheepskin footwear.
Originals Ugg Australia is an Australian company, owned and operated in Australia by Australians. We are a ugg boot company that has a registered trade mark for Original Ugg Australia (Trade Mark NO. 1533144). Please find our  certificate attached. We have nothing to do with, nor are associated in any way with the Deckers brand from USA.


Long Boots
Kids Boots
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Rugs & Insole

Original Australian Ugg Boots


There’s nothing more Aussie than the traditional sheepskin ugg boot. Originals Ugg Australia has been a leading manufacturer of the original ugg boot since 1985, an iconic brand that is recognised both in Australia and worldwide for it’s high quality sheepskin footwear.


As an Australian owned and operated company, we are passionate about delivering outstanding customer service and affordable sheepskin products to a broad range of clients nationally.


Visit our ugg boots online store in Australia for the best in sheepskin accessories including long boots, short boots, baby boots, slippers, earmuffs, gloves, hats, insoles and rugs. With a range of different sizes available and the perfect stretch that molds to the shape of every foot, it is the ideal footwear to have all year round.


Enjoy the natural warmth, comfort and luxurious feel of owning the finest sheepskin products on the market.

Find the most genuine ugg boots in Australia right here!


If you’re trying to source authentic and real ugg boots in Australia, you have come to the right place. We pride ourselves on being the most trusted sheepskin business for the last 36 years and continue to supply the best Sydney uggs at affordable prices.


With our high quality manufacturing, craftsmanship and superior design expertise, you won’t find anything better online. We are dedicated to making your life easier with our convenient ugg boots online store, offering fast and efficient service to all our personal customers and retailers Australia wide.


Enjoy the amazing benefits of natural sheepskin including temperature regulation (cool in summer & warm during winter) immune support, hypoallergenic fibres, bacteria resistant, pain relief, moisture absorbent, easy stain removal and much more.

When you purchase through Originals Ugg Australia, you can rest assured you are buying the ‘real thing’ - with no second guessing as to whether it’s genuine or not.


With a Registered Trademark for Originals Ugg Australia, we are in no way associated with the Deckers Brand from the USA.  


Please contact our ugg boots team in St. Peters (NSW) today on 0413 263 605 for the latest in sheepskin products and accessories.


Alternatively browse our Ugg Australia online store for guaranteed best prices, convenient delivery solutions & great service.